Thailand Packing List

Check out my trip itinerary here to see my general overall day-to-day activities and I’ll be coming to y’all soon with my day to day (ish)  because I have some really cool pictures to share 🙂 

So you’re going to Thailand huh? Great! Go ahead and pull out everything you want to take! Did that? Excellent! Now, put half of it back. I’m serious. You’re not going to need half of the clothes you think you are going to need.

And if you are flying domestically around Thailand from city to city, keep in mind that their weight restriction is 22 kilograms which is about 48 lbs. Also, save a little room for all the elephant pants and silk scarves you are going to bring back!

Packing list:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
    • Yes, Black people…we need it too. Sunburnt & peeling me is telling you to bring it
  • Tums
  • Germ X & Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Tissues/Wipes
    • Trust me…you’re going to find yourself in a position where it is needed. And in Thailand, they throw tissues into a trash can when done…never in the toilet
  • Quick drying/Microfiber Towel
    • Because you don’t want to be responsible for your hotel’s borrowed towel on a beach. I used this cute towel. It was cute and easy to spot from the beach. Plus you can easily fold it into your beach bag, unlike the bulky hotel towels.
    • Can’t stress this enough
  • Adapter
    • This is one of my favorites! Works in multipule continents as it has plugs for Europe, USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Although most hotels/hostels/etc will have USB outlets for charging as well, you don’t want to stuck without an adapter for flat iron/laptop/etc
  • Crossbody bag/Fanny Pack
    • To dissuade pickpockets in high volume areas. I use this cute fanny pack and BRUH – IT HOLDS SO MUCH! I’m talking my iPhone, wipes, FULL BOTTLE OF WATER, cards/money, lipgloss, your friend’s stuff….SO MUCH!
  • Shirt with sleeves for the temples
  • Pants for the temples
    • Must go past your knees
    • Some temples are iffy about the yoga pants because they are tight
  • Light Rain Jacket – Thailand has three seasons:
    • Cool (November – February)
    • Hot (March – June)
    • Rainy (July – October)
  • Power Bank/Portable Charger for phone
  • Constipation Meds
    • Can I be honest? I eat a high fiber diet at home because I love fruits and veggies. So when I got to Thailand and started eating nothing but rice and noodles, I noticed after a whole four days or so, that I haven’t been “regular”. I was so freaking bloated and having trouble breaking down the food (thus my forehead breakouts). If you want to get things moving a more natural way, drink prune juice.
  • Anti-Diarrhea Meds
    • Because sometimes you have the opposite problem. To combat this, if you eat from a street vendor at a market, make sure any fruit is on ice or that the food is being cooked over some sort of heat source/open flame and being cooled properly.
  • Travel Sized First Aid Kit
  • Vitamin C chewable/Powders
  • Yoozon Bluetooth Selfie Stick & Tripod
    • The best selfie stick I’ve ever had! Securely held my iPhone 8+ (which is also in a case with a pop-socket attached), has a removable Bluetooth remote AND turns from a selfie stick to a tripod

To Do and To Try:

– Mango Sticky Rice
– Check out SkyBar just because some of Hangover 2 was filmed there and the views are gorgeous
– Eat a scorpion on Khao San Road (Also known as Backpackers Road)
– Book a massage for 400baht (less than $13 USD)
– Go to the Silom Village Thai Dinner and Classical Dance Show
– Monk Chat in Chiang Mai
– Eat the fried bugs/fried lizards/fried frogs. Just do it. (Actually doesn’t taste that bad)
– Risk your life (not really, but kinda) in the back of a Tuk-Tuk
– Negotiate with vendors at the street market (tip! Start with half the offer then work your way up)
– Visit a Thai McDonald’s, Thai KFC, and check out a Thai 7/11 (they are EVERYWHERE) for a Green Tea Kit-Kat
– Go to a LadyBoy show. Why not?
– Chang beer


Have fun in Thailand y’all!

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3 thoughts on “Thailand Packing List

  1. Natalie says:

    Kudos to you with traveling to Thailand by yourself. I myself have ventured out and traveled solo (Miami and Atlanta). But nothing as big as Thailand. It makes me nervous just thinking about it. But at certain points I feel it will have to come to that if I want to experience the travel destinations that I want to experience. Thanks for sharing. It gives me a little encouragement to look into doing a big solo trip like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jay says:

      Hi Natalie! Get to those destinations and please don’t let fear hold you back! If you can do Miami solo (which is like it’s own country in itself lol), you can definitely take this world by storm ❤


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